professional Staffing & Recruitment Services

Find the Right Professional for Your Facility

In today's highly competitive clinician and physician search marketplace, successful recruiting requires an effective search plan and the resources to carry it out. EZEE HR’s innovative and talented permanent placement physician and nurse and allied staff recruiting teams can provide both. Our comprehensive permanent placement division recruits by medical specialty, and will work with you to provide the best candidates for your physician, nursing, and allied healthcare recruitment needs.

Physician Recruiting and Placement

EZEE HR is at the forefront of the healthcare thought leadership movement that aims to help correct that shortfall through innovative physician staffing and physician placement services by offering the largest, most diverse network of physician search and temporary placement companies in the nation. Specialize in the permanent placement of physicians for hospitals, medical groups, individual physician practices and healthcare organizations worldwide.

Nurse staffing and recruitment

EZEE HR can connect you to the largest and most diverse pool of nursing candidates worldwide. Whether you need nurse staffing services for specialized or staff nurses for your Healthcare Industry. Our stringent quality measures include comprehensive assessments to ensure each nursing candidate possesses the necessary training, licensure, and clinical competencies, as well as continuing education opportunities and a number of support services. We evaluate each candidate for your specific requirements to ensure a perfect fit.

Allied Staffing & Placement

EZEE HR, allied staffing experts teams are ready to help you manage your entire clinical staffing process. Our professional allied staffing services will match you with the most appropriate candidates through a careful screening and quality assurance process. Allied Staffing includes, cardiovascular technologist, CT technologist, Pharmacist, MRI technologist, Polysomnographist, Medical laboratory technician, Ultrasound technologist, Radiologic technologist, Physical therapist etc.