Healthcare Professional Licensing (HAAD/DHA/ MOH)

Ezee HR helps the health professional to get a license to practice in UAE.

We provide assistance from Credential (PSV), Data flow and Exam Registration. This package helps you to seek opportunity in UAE, which benefits you in different ways.

  • Gives more preference than the non-licensed candidates.
  • Provides better salary benefits than non-licensed candidates.
  • Reduces the time-frame for hiring process (for example non-license candidates take 6-12 months, whereas licensed candidates take 30 days in hiring process)

DHA - Dubai Health Authority Licensing

Dubai Health Authority provides an accessible, effective, and integrated healthcare system and protects public health and improves the quality of life in Dubai. Any Health professional who wants to make his career in Dubai and wants to practice in Emirate of Dubai needs to have a license from DHA. This licensing package provides complete assistance to verify the document through dataflow, register in DHA, prepare for the Exam, and get licensed.

HAAD - Health Authority Abu Dhabi Licensing

The Health Authority – Abu Dhabi & Al Ain (HAAD) is the regulative body of the Healthcare Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and provides excellence in Healthcare for the community by monitoring the health status of the population. These licensing packages are suitable for those candidates who wish to pursue a career in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain.

MOH - Ministry of Health Licensing

Ministry of Health is the regulative body of the health sector, in the emirates of Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, and Ras Al khaimah, who provides comprehensive health care for all citizens and residents in these emirates. These licensing packages are suitable for those candidates who wish to pursue a career in an emirate apart from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Apply for License –

Our package costs covers :–

  • Complete Online Registration and Licensing Process for HAAD/DHA/MOH for Consultants/Specialist/GP Doctors
  • Payment of registration  Fees
  • PSV- Data Flow Fees
  • PRO Service with Regulation Authorities/Health Regulation Department
  • Assistance with scheduling of the exam - does not include exam fees
  • Consultation service- We will answer all your questions and assist for getting employment in UAE.

Our aim to complete your license within 70 working days whereas if you did it could take up to 6 months!


    Consultant & Specialist $1089
    GP/ GP Dentist $817
    Nurses & Allied Health Professionals $500

 We do not guarantee obtaining a license if you do not meet criteria of the regulatory bodies, or if you fail the verification checks of Data Flow.